Friday, 19 October 2012

What a rare and exciting treat to find an Asian market in my area.
What incredible fun to shop there with my son
and to see the same joy in his eyes
that I feel when I walk in to experience
another culture.
It's like finding a secret treasure cove
of undiscovered land and jewels   :)
I have literally left clothes behind when I travel
just to bring back some new and exciting foods
I found along the way on my trip.
When I find it right in my own backyard
with similar prices
my heart goes pitter patter joy joy !
So I picked many items I was unfamiliar with
and asked the owner as I checked out all about them.
The store was empty so I was gifted with his full attention.
He was very happy to share and teach
as I was so happy to be silent and learn.
In this picture is;
Lotus Roots in Brine
GE Xian Weng Tea
Dried Squid
Tapioca Strips
Water Mellon Seeds for Snack
Green Tea Pumpkin Seeds
Agar Agar
Several Sauces.
I highly recommend buying dried
mushrooms, seaweeds, kelp, fungus.
When visiting an Asian market.
Reconstitute them by soaking  (especially the fungus)
and many need to be cooked.
My son was most excited by the quail eggs.
He may get very excited when I tell him
I am considering raising 2-3 quails for eggs :)

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