Saturday, 29 September 2012

Did you know that dates come from date palm trees? I have had these beautiful Queen Palm Trees for about 20 years. Every year I marvel at the stalks filled with small fruits as they turn from green clusters to a golden orange. I wondered how come they don't seed as they fall to the ground. Well I finally discovered these very very fibrous fruits with large pits are not only edible and super sweet
but they are also chock full of great nutrients.
So my son and I cut down 2 huge stalks
filled with ripe clusters of Queen Palm Fruit .
While they do have a large pit
and are very fibrous
they were  really sweet and tasty.
Next step was to search for recipes.
The recipes here are the same as for Pindo syrup
or jelly and wine.
I washed all the harvested fruits really well .
For extra precautionary measures
I let them soak in water with vinegar
for about 20 minutes.

I added enough water to cover and then some.
After  a hard boil
I simmered them for one hour
and then let cool
for another hour.
I was going more for a sauce rather than a jelly or jam.
**note ( On my first batch I drained the beautiful golden liquid and tried to squeeze and press the juice from fruits in a cotton bag.
It was a ton of work for little juice.
The second batch , after washing super well before boiling,
I KEPT the liquid and tossed the rendered fruits.
Much easier and delicious )
I added to taste;
fresh lemon juice,
some pectin,
1 Tbs butter
and once cooled raw honey.
If you want to a spicy touch 
add some chili flakes
or fresh diced chilly peppers
while cooking.
Saute fresh chicken breasts with
onion, garlic, sweet peppers and fresh herbs
The Queen Palm Sauce and ENJOY!
For more recipes ;


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