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Natural Sprays to keep the Ants away! DIY
Make a simple mixture of white vinegar and water.
Add to spray bottle .
(This simple mixture is great to clean, shine and disinfect counters -not granite-faucets, windows, mirrors etc as well. Its also great to soak non organic fruits and vegies in for a few minutes to help remove pesticides and bacteria)
Spray dishwashing liquid or just rub straight dishwashing liquid along the area they are invading
I was just beginning to get invaded by sugar ants on the window side of my kitchen counter last Thursday. I sprayed vinegar water and they slowed .Then I took straight lemon dishwashing liquid ( ants cannot stand lemon but any dishwashing liquid will do the trick )  on my finger and rubbed it all along the back of the sink area . I haven’t seen one ant since !
Carpenter ants  do not like turmeric or cinammon. Make a thin line (use a chalk line if you have one). They do not go over lines.

 Happy Healthy Living!

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