Sunday, 23 September 2012

Large Companies are trying to run our farmers off their land !
They are filling our fresh produce
with genetically engineered modified seeds
on a cellular level filled with toxins
and poisons.
Poisons from companies they own.
Companies that once provided agent orange
and now continue to spray Round-Up
seeping into and contaminating our land.
Please say NO to GMO!
If you have a local farmer fighting for his land 
trying to farm it his and her way,
the old fashioned way handed down for generations,
please support them .
Buy their produce, set up local farmers markets, 
sign pettitions and back them up.
It will make the difference of serving our children
diseases on a plate
to providing our children
a full and healthy life.
Call your Senator ,
what ever state you are in
and tell them to you support
Californias Propostion 37
to label all foods that contain GMO's
because YOU want to know what is in your food.

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